LPs call you a General Partner. GP. Manager. Sponsor. Fred.

What matters is that LPs call you.

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Pre-screen who can see your profile

Pre-screen institutional LPs

Efficient introductions

Efficient introductions

Grow your fund

More/better LP relp's

If you discreetly want to decrease the time that you spend while increasing your LP quality or quantity, then…

Veil is for you.

How is Veil different from, say, databases?

Example Fundveil profile page
  • It’s nice to be wanted.
    Driven by Veil’s powerful GP analytics and seemingly simple profiles, LPs seek you.
  • Big fish in a little pond.
    You’ll be among a limited pool of GPs being considered by actively engaged LPs.
  • Deal with the real deal.
    Actual, live, institutional LPs are Veil members.
  • Make your own rules.
    You’re in full control of who can contact you.

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